Free-form  Notetaking

  • Capture your ideas
  • Structure & connect them
  • Collaborate & share with others

Capture your ideas

With ScratchGraph, create notes to capture your ideas. A note can be anything: a few sentences, an image, a tweet, a quote, or a link to something on the web.

Notes can be placed anywhere and moved as you see fit, opening up the possibility of free-form, non-linear notetaking. You're no longer constrained to putting down ideas top-down, left-to-right, in paragraphs -- place things where they make sense.

There's no limit to the number of notes you can take. The sheet on which notes are placed is virtually infinite.

Laniakea galaxy supercluster notes

Structure & connect

ScratchGraph is built around 3 key ideas for structuring and connecting ideas.

Free-form movement

Move and place notes anywhere to organize them. Linear paragraphs don't always make sense, sometimes it's better to see things side-by-side, or maybe diagonally, it's up to you. Place notes where they logically & conceptually make sense.


Closely associated ideas should be next to each other visually, forming a cluser. Clustering is a well-known notetaking technique and one of the key ideas underpinning mindmaps.

ScratchGraph will automatically create clusters when notes are moved next to each other.


Related ideas may be seperated from each other, but a connector links them and shows that's there's an association or flow from one to the other.

In ScratchGraph, connectors are lines between notes, but they're smart -- as you move things around, connectors will automatically adjust to accomodate the new placement and avoid overlapping other notes.

clustering notes

Share & collaborate

The ScratchGraph platform is built from the ground up around sharing and collaborating, in real-time, with others.

Publically share

ScratchGraph allows you to create a public link for any of your sheets. Share the link with anyone and they'll be able to view what you've created.

Collaborate with your team

You can add collaborators to any of your sheets. Collaborators will be able to view, edit, and add notes to the sheet. Changes and revisions are instantly saved and shown to all collaborators instantly.

sharing a sheet

A few examples

Take a look at a few mindmaps and concept maps created with ScratchGraph to see what you can build:

Try it for yourself

A basic plan is free and allows you to create up to 5 sheets!
It takes just a few minutes to learn the basics and create something amazing.

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