Scratch Graph

Write, organize, and share your ideas


Introducing ScratchGraph —
a new way to write, organize, and share your ideas.

Easily capture your ideas

  • Create notes quickly on an infinite, virtual sheet.
  • Write on any device with a modern web browser… your phone, your tablet, or your desktop computer.
  • Make your ideas shine: develop your notes by adding images, adding links to articles, blog posts, videos, or anything else on the web.

Organize organically

  • Forget files, folders, or documents…
  • Create sheets which are saved automatically and instantly sync'd across all your devices.
  • Arrange your notes to truly connect and communicate your ideas, move related ideas next to each other to form clusters.

Share & collaborate in real-time

  • Create public links to quickly and easily share your ideas with anyone. Just send a link.
  • Add your teammates as collaborators on a sheet and build something amazing with your team.
  • Changes and revisions are instantly reflected to all viewers & collaborators.

Get Started

Try ScratchGraph for yourself. A basic plan is free.